415 - Japheth Crawford

Japheth Crawford is a Senior Brand Motion Designer at OKX, living in Southern California

Japheth Crawford has spent the last 10 years doing motion design in the tech and entertainment field working with clients including Apple, Snapchat, and Netflix. He also develops websites using Webflow, where he finds it rewarding to use motion in interactive experiences with such ease.

He is currently a Senior Brand Motion Designer at OKX.

Outside of work he enjoys woodworking, fast cars, music, and photography.

He built a shed in his backyard which is now his office. He documented the entire process here.

Instagram → instagram.com/j5_motion
Twitter (X) → twitter.com/japhethcrawford
Website → japhethcrawford.com

Japheth's Workspace Tour

Workspace Items


  • Adobe Creative Suite (Especially After Effects)
  • Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Maxon Redshift
  • Figma
  • Dropbox

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

I have a working style that finds me switching between three different computers almost every day. A company owned MacBook Pro that I do most of my work on, a custom-built PC for 3D rendering and more complex simulations, and a personal MacBook Pro for personal projects. For that reason, all my desk hardware makes it as easy as possible to switch between them all. The key piece is the Logitech MX keyboard and mouse which allow me to use a single keyboard and mouse for all three machines via bluetooth. I can switch which machine they control with the push of a button.

Second runner up would be the CalDigit Hub which allows me to easily plug one USB-C cable into a MacBook Pro which then connects it via USB to my speakers, 4K monitors, webcam, and server, while also charging it.

How do you spark creativity?

I do my best to stay sharp creatively by cycling through various activities. Sometimes I'll explore inspiration on platforms like savee.it, cosmos.so, or behance, where I discover new ideas and trends. Alternatively, I take short breaks from my desk to either make a latte at home or venture to a nearby coffee shop for a change of scenery.

In moments when I need to clear my mind, I might reach for my guitar for a few minutes to unwind and reset.

What does your typical day look like?

My day typically begins bright and early around 6am with our energetic one year old who's an early riser. Once we've gotten him settled at either daycare or his grandparents' place, I head to my office in the backyard to kick off my workday. Working for a global company means my inbox is already buzzing with messages or requests from colleagues across different time zones, so I start by addressing those first thing.

Meetings, if any, usually happen during the first half of my day, allowing me to focus on ongoing projects during the latter part. Around noon, I break for lunch, occasionally squeezing in some gym time, and then heading back to my desk to eat lunch while I work.

My workday typically wraps up around 5pm just in time to pick up our son or get dinner started, and have some family time before he heads to bed

What excites you most about working in crypto?

What excites me most about working in crypto is the opportunity to contribute to such a transformative movement. The decentralized nature of blockchain technology is reshaping the way we think about finance, governance, and data ownership. It's not just about creating new currencies; it's about reimagining entire systems to be more transparent, efficient, and inclusive. I think blockchain technology will be embraced more and more in our lifetime, as we witness the limitations and vulnerabilities of centralized systems. Being part of a company at the forefront of these advancements is exhilarating, knowing that I'm contributing to the development of solutions that will shape the future of finance and technology.
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