430 - Nick Levesque

Nick Levesque is a Creative Director leading multidisciplinary creative teams

Nick Levesque is a creative leader and artist igniting creativity and clarity for brands. Based in San Francisco with experience managing multidisciplinary creative teams, Nick builds talented teams, inspiring work, and distinctive brands.

He is currently Creative Director at Asana.

Twitter → x.com/levesquenick
Instagram → instagram.com/nicholaslevesque

Nick's Workspace Tour

My office also doubles as a guest room
My favorite items include an enamel pin collection on a pen cup and a wooden perpetual calendar
An organized hoarder, I only pull out my various found objects when I want to create something
On days I photograph at home, I move around my house to chase the best natural light
Not as aesthetic, but where the real magic happens

Workspace Items and Tools

What is the most recent item that you've added to your workspace?

The workbench in my garage is the latest addition to my workspace. After buying my first home a couple years ago, I finally have dedicated (and elevated) space for woodworking. My back is grateful.

How do you spark creativity?

In my work, along with my team, we are tasked with solving specific problems and finding effective ways to communicate ideas. During brainstorming sessions, I often find myself turning inward, recalling references and memories, sometimes rediscovering forgotten ones. Which feels like a perfect metaphor and parallel to the found objects I incorporate into my personal work. These references and objects may remain untouched for a long time but resurface when the perfect project reveals itself.

What does your typical day look like?

I split my week between three days in the office with the team and two days working from home. The best office perk, besides the in-person collaboration, is definitely the food and occasional sweet treat (when I’m deserving). But my home perk is working alongside my husband and our dog, Ash.

Most work days are filled with meetings like stand-ups, show and tells, and creative forums. One of my favorite segments in our weekly team meeting is when someone new presents their HIGH (How I Got Here). I also have 1:1s with directs, our producer, and peers. Work involves planning, kicking off, reviewing, or presenting projects. I also co-write creative briefs with stakeholders to ensure the team is set up for success. I host brainstorms and workshops—guiding discussions to draw out great ideas and inspire collaboration. I by no means have all the answers, but I hope to create an environment where creative and innovative solutions feel achievable.
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