Workspaces 010 - Greg Gunn

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Greg Gunn is an illustrator and animator that has worked with clients like Disney and Starbucks. He is also the Creative Director of The Futur, a company on a mission to teach one billion(!) creatives how to make money doing what they love.

Greg also writes TLDR, a weekly newsletter designed to inspire and change the way you think.

Check out Greg’s Instagram to see highlights of his amazing work:

Inside Greg’s Workspace

Things on and around my desk:

  • iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

  • 7 year old iMac

  • Blue Snowball Mic

  • Whiskey & Oak scented candle

  • Water bottle

  • Lots of plants and sunshine

Tools that make life better:

  • Procreate for iPad (for drawing)

  • Things App (for task management)

  • Spotify (for listening to obscure metal)

  • Dropbox Paper (for writing)

  • Backblaze (remote backups)

  • Post-Its + Pens (for everything)

Please let Greg know what you think about his workspace!

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