Workspaces 016 - Katy DeCorah

Welcome to Workspaces! We bring you inside the workspaces of creative individuals. Workspaces hopes to inspire you by showing you the toolkit that many creatives use to do their daily work. ☕️

Katy DeCorah is a frontend engineer on the documentation team at Mapbox. Mapbox provides mapping tools for developers. These tools make it easy to add location features like maps, search, and navigation into your mobile and web applications.

Inside Katy’s Workspace

  • 13" MacBook Pro

  • Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard in a bamboo tray

  • Two 27” LG 4K Monitors mounted with an AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stand

  • Bose QuietComfort Headphones resting on a banana hanger

  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam

  • IKEA Skarsta Sit/Stand Desk with built-in wireless and USB chargers

  • Aeron Chair (an Ebay open box deal)

  • IKEA Fejka plant wall and IKEA Skådis pegboards

  • Kasa Smart Wifi Light Switch

  • LIFX WiFi LED Bulbs

  • Essential oil diffuser

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-Ryan (@_ryangilbert)