056 - Benjamin Hoppe

Benjamin Hoppe is a freelance product & web designer

Benjamin Hoppe designs and build's software for startups, with a focus on helping companies reduce friction and craft unique user experiences.

It seems like everyone is working on a side project(s) these days! Are you?

Physical Goods:

  • Fully Jarvis Standing Desk frame with a maple tabletop
  • Ikea Markus chair (amazing chair for a reasonable price)
  • 2019 15" base model Macbook Pro
  • Twelve South BookArc
  • 27" Ultrafine 5K monitor (this thing is great)
  • Apple Watch (I try not to keep my phone in my office the majority of the time)
  • Magsafe charger
  • Airpods Pro
  • 3 Incredible books by Austin Kleon: Steal like an artist, Keep going, and Show your work. (These books have fundamnetally changed the way I see my work and my potential.)
  • A typical fake ikea plant (I can't be trusted to take care of a real one.)
  • 2018 11" iPad Pro with a magic keyboard and Apple pencil (I mostly use this for media consumption, writing, and reviewing my design work with the Apple pencil
  • Space gray magic trackpad, mouse, and keyboard.
  • Black desk mat from ULX store.
  • A notebook for taking random notes, and breaking down my day by the hour (a powerful habbit I learned from Cal Newport's book, Deep Work.)

Digital Goods:

  • Linear (for task managment at work)
  • Notion (for personal task managment, and personal/work notes)
  • Mymind (my favourite new product from last year, I use it to gather inspiration, and roughly plan out personal project ideas.)
  • Figma and Framer (I learned how to design in Sketch but mostly use Figma for work and Framer for personal projects now)
  • Around (for better co-working sessions)
  • Timer app (I use this to set timed work/procrastination sessions)
  • Spark (a great email client, although I don't send many emails)
  • Spotify (I enjoy listening to music while I work)

Be sure to let Benjamin know what you think about his sunny workspace and his new blog template Ora ☀️


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