056 - Benjamin Hoppe

Welcome to another edition of Workspaces! We bring you inside the workspaces of creative individuals. Workspaces hopes to inspire you by showing you the toolkit that many creatives use to do their daily work. ☕️

Benjamin Hoppe is a product designer at ArchForm, designing healthcare software from his condo in Toronto. He just released his first Notion and Super blog template called Ora.

It seems like everyone is working on a side project(s) these days! Are you?

Inside Benjamin’s Workspace

Physical Goods:

  • Fully Jarvis Standing Desk frame with a maple tabletop

  • Ikea Markus chair (amazing chair for a reasonable price)

  • 2019 15" base model Macbook Pro

  • Twelve South BookArc

  • 27" Ultrafine 5K monitor (this thing is great)

  • Apple Watch (I try not to keep my phone in my office the majority of the time)

  • Magsafe charger

  • Airpods Pro

  • 3 Incredible books by Austin Kleon: Steal like an artist, Keep going, and Show your work. (These books have fundamnetally changed the way I see my work and my potential.)

  • A typical fake ikea plant (I can't be trusted to take care of a real one.)

  • 2018 11" iPad Pro with a magic keyboard and Apple pencil (I mostly use this for media consumption, writing, and reviewing my design work with the Apple pencil

  • Space gray magic trackpad, mouse, and keyboard.

  • Black desk mat from ULX store.

  • A notebook for taking random notes, and breaking down my day by the hour (a powerful habbit I learned from Cal Newport's book, Deep Work.)

Digital Goods:

  • Linear (for task managment at work)

  • Notion (for personal task managment, and personal/work notes)

  • Mymind (my favourite new product from last year, I use it to gather inspiration, and roughly plan out personal project ideas.)

  • Figma and Framer (I learned how to design in Sketch but mostly use Figma for work and Framer for personal projects now)

  • Around (for better co-working sessions)

  • Timer app (I use this to set timed work/procrastination sessions)

  • Spark (a great email client, although I don't send many emails)

  • Spotify (I enjoy listening to music while I work)

Be sure to let Benjamin know what you think about his sunny workspace and his new blog template Ora ☀️


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-Ryan (@rjgilbert)