060 - Brandon Jacoby

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I also have exciting personal news to share!

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Brandon Jacoby is currently the Head of Product & Design at Party Round. Party Round describes itself as “Invest in Friends” and “A better way to raise your first $500k”.

Prior to his role at Party Round, he was a Design Lead at Cash App. 💸

Inside Brandon’s Workspace


  • 16” MacBook Pro

  • Dell 27” 4K Monitor

  • Apple Magic Trackpad

  • Apple Magic Keyboard

  • HAY Lamp

  • SONOS Speakers

Brandon tries to keep his technical usage to a minimum for my workspace. He has learned that he performs best with a setup that maximizes focus over “productivity” — Optimizing for the latter often has quite the opposite effect for him.

Be sure to give Brandon a follow on Twitter to follow along as he helps grow Party Round: twitter.com/JacobyBrandon 🎉

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