065 - Riley Tomasek

Riley Tomasek is a co-founder of Standard Resume.

Riley Tomasek is a co-founder of Standard Resume. Standard Resume allows anyone to build a world class resume in minutes. They have helped over 100,000 people create their resume with some landing jobs at companies like Google, Square, and Microsoft.

Before starting Standard Resume, Riley was an engineer at Dropbox.


  • iMac Pro
  • Herman Miller Renew Desk
  • Eames soft pad chair
  • Kinesis Freestyle Pro
  • Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back headphones
  • Chord Mojo DAC
  • Chroma Sky Portal (light)

Living Room:

  • iPad Pro
  • Keychron keyboard
  • Yohann iPad stand
  • B&W PM-1 speakers
  • Rega P3 turntable
  • Naim Nait XS amp

Let Riley know if you use Standard Resume to land your next job! twitter.com/rileytomasek 📝

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