137 - Anthony Menecola

Anthony Menecola is currently a Staff Product Designer focused on conversational commerce at Shopify

Anthony Menecola is currently a Staff Product Designer focused on conversational commerce at Shopify. He has previously collaborated with global brands including Bank of Montreal, Fitbit, Ford, Nike and Survey Monkey.

Prior to designing software, he worked as an Art Director at a local Toronto agency for several years developing print and digital campaigns for alcohol brands and feature films.

When he’s not designing and working behind a computer he can be found taking photographs.


  • Ergonofis Shift

Cable Management:






Desk mat:

  • ULX leather desk mat

Speakers and stands:


Microphone stand and mount:


  • Apple ear buds



Odds and ends:

  • Toyo T-190 Tool Box — Olive
  • Hasami porcelain mug
  • Kinto tumblr
  • Panobook by Studio Neat
  • Muji pens

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Q/A ☕️

How many times do you take breaks? Do you go outside, exercise or just work to get it done fastest?

It depends on the type of work I’m focused on for the day. I try not to sit behind the screen for more than one hour without some sort of short break. I alternate between sit/stand every 30min. We have a 5 month old puppy named Gus who has been a great forcing function to stepping outside for a walk.

Where did you set up your home office and why?

We recently moved into a home which has a spare bedroom upstairs that I’ve converted into a dedicated office. It’s been amazing having a focused space to make my own and dedicate to focus work.

How do you make/keep working remotely fun?

I think it’s important to dedicate time in your day to socializing with coworkers in some capacity. Whether that’s a casual coffee chat or playing a virtual game, every little bit counts. I also try to focus on the little things like playing music through speakers, walking the dog, or taking a midday shower that help break up the time spent at the desk.

How you keep the work-life balance?

I’m grateful to work at an employer with amazing coworkers that encourage and respect this Balance. It also helps to take control of your notification settings when it makes sense. At the end of the day I look forward to stepping out of the office to spend time with my wife and our growing family.
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