151 - David Bauer

David Bauer is a journalist, product lead, and writer of the Weekly Filet newsletter

David Bauer is a journalist, product lead, and writer of the Weekly Filet newsletter.

The Weekly Filet newsletter is published every Friday and thousands of curious minds trust it for great recommendations on what to read, watch and listen to.

Curious as to how he manages to consistently curate the web every week? Here’s his process.

In the past, he has worked for and advised various news organizations and startups, as a journalist, strategist and product lead. He is currently on a break to figure out what challenge to take on next.

Twitter → twitter.com/davidbauer


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Q/A ☕️

What is your favorite item in your workspace?

My Bose headphones. I need music to work. These headphones feel good even when I’m wearing them for hours on end, and shield me from everything around me.

How do you spark creativity?

Something that works surprisingly well for me: Going for a run, listening to an audiobook and leaving little room for creativity. It’s always in these moments that seemingly unrelated ideas spark. I’m that runner who always stops to jot notes into my smartphone…

How do you keep the work-life balance?

I don’t. Two small kids, different types of work, and lest we forget: a pandemic make it impossible anyway. I just try to prioritize what’s most important in the moment. I’ve never been a fan of juxtaposing work and life — work is part of life and shouldn’t be a burden that you constantly need to balance out.
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