278 - Jose Munoz

Jose Munoz is a Lead Product Designer at BOLD working on MyPerfectResume.com

Jose Munoz is a product designer living and working remotely in Puerto Rico.

He is currently a Lead Product Designer at BOLD, working on MyPerfectResume.com, a suite of tools to help job seekers get their dream job.

During his downtime, he likes to tinker with his personal website, obsess about setups & tech, build Legos, and binge-watch TV with his wife.

Blog → josemunozmatos.com
Twitter → twitter.com/josemunozmatos
Mastodon → mastodon.social/@josemunozmatos

Inside Jose's Workspace

Desk & Office Items:

Most used apps and tools:

Check out his /uses page for more details on his setup.

What is your favorite item in your workspace?

Honestly, I'm loving the Apple Studio Display. I've been rocking the old Thunderbolt display for like 10 years, but this upgrade was worth the wait. The display is so freaking beautiful, and the speakers are unexpectedly impressive. The webcam isn't the best, but it'll do for Zoom calls. Pro tip: definitely get the tilt-and-height adjustable stand, or you might feel like you're hunching over your screen all day.

How do you spark creativity?

Every morning, I kickstart my day by catching up with my RSS feed on my trusty iPad mini, accompanied by a nice cup of coffee. I'm an avid follower of several personal blogs that motivate me to create and come up with new projects.

How do you keep the work-life balance?

It's tough to strike a balance between work and life when you work from home all day. However, I have discovered useful tools to manage this. Firstly, Apple's focus mode lets me switch between Personal and Work modes, so I get the right apps and notifications. I also use Timery to track my hours, so I don't burn out. Lastly, I try to limit my work to my desk/office, so I can set boundaries and know that once I step away, I'm done.
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