291 - Yannick Guillemot

Yannick Guillemot is a Senior Frontend Engineer and Airbnb Superhost

Yannick Guillemot is currently a Senior Frontend Engineer at Async, helping build the future of asynchronous communication.

He was previously a Frontend Engineer at Squarespace.

His workspace features two main themes. A calm and quiet environment during the day that is perfect for deep work and meetings. At night, his workspace transforms into a retro wave style with high contrasts.

Twitter → twitter.com/Yann_Guillemot

Inside Yannick's Workspace


Nightly Equipment:


  • Notion
  • Cron
  • Linear
  • Figma
  • VSCode
  • CleanShot X
  • Arc
  • Raycast
  • Magnet
  • RunJS
  • Warp
  • 1Password

How do you manage work-life balance?

With desks now at home, it's easy and tempting sometimes to jump right in, answer emails, review pull requests, or check Slack even before drinking your first glass of water of the day.

Personally, I stay very consistent with personal care rituals. I make time for them. I prioritize them above all else.

Most of my mornings during weekdays consist of spending an hour at the gym, an hour with my dog outside, and an hour getting myself mentally ready (eating, journaling, or reading). I do not open my work laptop nor check work-related apps on my phone until 9 am.

It requires adjustments at first and is not always easy to maintain. But as long as prioritization is set to protect this time for me, I know I will be much more present and efficient throughout my workday.
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