330 - Michelle Dear

Michelle Dear is the founder of Tandem

Michelle Dear is the founder of Tandem, an expense sharing app for couples. Tandem eliminates the back-and-forth of Venmo, without the need to get a joint account.

Michelle also leads all content creation efforts for short-form money tips (hence the giant ring light) under the @use_tandem and @missmoneymichelle accounts. You’ll notice there are two setups here as Michelle shares this office with her husband whenever he doesn’t go into his office. They basically copy & pasted the same setup (lol).

Twitter → twitter.com/michelledearxox

Inside Michelle's Workspace


What is your favorite item in your workspace?

I would say it’s a tie between the world map we have on the wall and my heated floor mat. I think the map really professionalizes the space (plus it has small magnets to mark where my husband and I have traveled together). The heated floor mat is incredible for wintertime in Chicago! There is nothing better than firing it up in the morning while I’m reading the news and drinking coffee.

What do you think is the main benefit of remote work?

The ability to take better care of yourself. Prior to WFH, I didn’t always have time to workout or make sure I eat something healthy. I was always rushing around so my personal health took a backseat. Knowing I don’t have to spend hours getting ready or commuting allows me to dedicate more time to bettering myself on a personal level.

How do you spark creativity?

I have to turn off ALL notifications on my devices. I am easily distracted and creative brainstorming takes a lot of effort, so I find I am my most creative when I can dedicated my mind to it. I also like to move around my apartment, being in different spaces is calming and allows my thoughts to roam.
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