418 - Sval Itsutora

Sval Itsutora is a creator from Japan

Sval Itsutora (known as Tigerwall on the internet) is a creator with a wide range of interests. He makes music, is a graphic designer, creates custom keyboards and runs a private label called TANSANTIGER.

Outside of his typical work, he is interested in and exploring desk setup content and vlog creation.

Twitter (X) → twitter.com/_Tigerwall_
Soundcloud → soundcloud.com/tigerwall_meow
Instagram → instagram.com/tigerwall
YouTube → youtube.com/@_tigerwall_

Sval's Workspace Tour

Main Desk

Custom PC Spec

  • MB: Gigabyte B660I Aorus Pro DDR4
  • CPU: Intel i5-12600K
  • CPU cooler: NZXT Kraken Z53 with Noctua fan
  • RAM: 16GB x 2
  • GPU: GeForce RTX3060Ti

Under the Desk

Sub Desk


  • Waki Sangyo Brass Hook
  • Mini shelf (with cute figures)

Custom Keyboards

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

WIRE DESIGN’s 2way desk organizer.

I don’t usually use pencils but sometimes I need to jot down something on paper.
Also, when the small clutter is on the desk, I get distructed easily so this organizer helped me solve two problems all at once.
In it, I put pencils, post-its, Diverse System’s sticky notes, lip balm, eye wash for pollen, keycap & keyswitch puller, and cable for charging USB-C devices.
This product is 3D-printed by Tappei Noyori, and his brand WIRE DESIGN has nice other products.

How do you spark creativity?

Input, input, and output.

For music, during bath time or when I’m reading stories like mangas(sometimes even when I’m about to sleep), emotion flows and loops or phrases come up in my mind.

Then I rush to the PC and start making, most of time that’s coincidental and end up unfinished & unreleased.
But I think this habit helps me to make next finished works so I keep doing this.

What does your typical day look like?

After waking up, I drink sayu(warm water), do some workout, eat breakfast, get dressed up, and then start working.

I’m just an employee of a company and fortunately I can do WFH most of the month so I can do anything what I want to(or need to) in my free time.

As a daily habit, I drink cafe au lait(on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and Matcha latte(on Tuesday and Thursday).

Late in the afternoon, I go back and forth between work and life gradually such as starting personal PC and spark creativity like making music.

When I’m tired, I play games like Apex Legends, VALORANT, FF14 and lists goes on.

I think everyday is maximized like this lol.
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