015 - Kristof Morlion

Kristof Morlion is a product manager at Influo

Kristof Morlion is a product manager at Influo, a service that makes it easy for influencers, creators, brands and agencies to connect. He is also freelances creating websites, apps, videos and photos.

  • 16 inch Macbook Pro (laptop does what it needs to do and it has an escape button)
  • 27 inch 4K LG external screen (large but not over the top large screen)
  • black Apple keyboard (a keyboard is only complete with a numeric keypad)
  • Logitech MX Master mouse (hands down the best mouse available)
  • Sony WH H900N headphones (prefer the sound and fit over the more popular H1000 series)
  • Devine M USB mic (great mic for the money)
  • Samson Resolv 50a speakers (been listening to them for 15 years)
  • Pioneer CDJ-500 cd player (it survived many beer showers 20 years ago and still plays my CD's)
  • currently testing the JAM Spun Out record player
  • hat collection (gotta have options what to wear)
  • frisbees (memories from my Get Horizontal days)
  • penny board (prefered mode of transport)
  • Epiphone Goth Les Paul Studio and mini Orange amp (no stairway to heaven is ever played here)
  • various design / product / marketing books (makes the space look a little smarter)
  • artwork by Musketon & Letterknecht & my kids (makes the space look a lot nicer)

Be sure to let Kristof know what you think of his workspace! twitter.com/morlicious 👏

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