Workspaces 015 - Kristof Morlion

Welcome to Workspaces! We bring you inside the workspaces of creative individuals. Workspaces hopes to inspire you by showing you the toolkit that many creatives use to do their daily work. ☕️

Kristof Morlion is a product manager at Influo, a service that makes it easy for influencers, creators, brands and agencies to connect. He is also freelances creating websites, apps, videos and photos.

Inside Kristof’s Workspace (featuring a cool 360-degree shot)

  • 16 inch Macbook Pro (laptop does what it needs to do and it has an escape button)

  • 27 inch 4K LG external screen (large but not over the top large screen)

  • black Apple keyboard (a keyboard is only complete with a numeric keypad) 

  • Logitech MX Master mouse (hands down the best mouse available)

  • Sony WH H900N headphones (prefer the sound and fit over the more popular H1000 series)

  • Devine M USB mic (great mic for the money)

  • Samson Resolv 50a speakers (been listening to them for 15 years)

  • Pioneer CDJ-500 cd player (it survived many beer showers 20 years ago and still plays my CD's)

  • currently testing the JAM Spun Out record player

  • hat collection (gotta have options what to wear)

  • frisbees (memories from my Get Horizontal days)

  • penny board (prefered mode of transport)

  • Epiphone Goth Les Paul Studio and mini Orange amp (no stairway to heaven is ever played here)

  • various design / product / marketing books (makes the space look a little smarter)

  • artwork by Musketon & Letterknecht & my kids (makes the space look a lot nicer)

Be sure to let Kristof know what you think of his workspace! 👏

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-Ryan (@_ryangilbert)