238 - Ben Bradbury

Ben Bradbury is Head of Content Production at Workweek

Ben Bradbury is Head of Content Production at Workweek, a new B2B media company powered by Creators.

He was previously their Head of Audio where he was responsible for their growing roster of podcasts.

Ben was previously Founder & CEO of Astutely, a B2B marketing agency that was acquired by Workweek.

He is the host of Subject Matter, which is currently in its fifth season, and is an instructor at General Assembly, teaching storytelling & communication workshops.

He has a B.A in History from the University of Sheffield.

Twitter → twitter.com/benbradbury_


  • Macbook pro
  • Apple keyboard
  • 32" LG Monitor + monitor stand
  • Desktop lamp
  • School of life Stoicism prompts (I like to have visual cues dotted around to remind me of important ideas
  • Post-it notes (same principle)
  • Typo A5 Journals x2 - One for personal journalling, and 1 for business ideas
  • Bic 4-coloured pen
  • Parker ballpoint pen
  • Large Hydroflask
  • Timeular - Makes time tracking effortless
  • Logitech wireless mouse
  • Corsair mousepad
  • Workweek mug, to make work fun

How do you spark creativity?

It's a balance between discipline and serendipity. I have a pretty structured work day, but keep my mornings clear for deep thinking. If inspiration strikes—no matter if it's 7am or midnight—i'll start furiously noting down my ideas. I'm a big believer in routines for consistent output.
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