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Andrea Contino is the Head of Communications for Red Bull Italy

Andrea Contino is the Head of Communications for Red Bull Italy.

He previously spent 5+ years at Microsoft and was also an editor at Wired.

Twitter → twitter.com/Contz

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Even though I don't want to call myself an audiophile, I love to listen Music in good quality. I had an Apple Music subscription for quite a long time but then I switched to Spotify since it gives me so many new songs to discover. Waiting for them to bring HIFI anytime in the future, I love to buy digital music in the highest res possible to enjoy it through my headphones.

My house is quite big, so I need to have the Orbi satellite in that position in order to have all the Mesh system working correctly.

I don't know why I have these 2 huge mousepads, but I love them, and I love to have a smooth feeling when I rest my arms there.

What is the most useful item in your workspace?

CarThing by far. It lets me control all my music without losing the focus.

How do you spark creativity?

Usually, I open my feedly RSS collection. I find most of my inspiration there. I love to go through other blogger's thoughts and feelings and put mine into words within my blog.

How do you manage work-life balance?

It's very convenient. We have a couple of days a week where we do home working. This let me focus on my passions: video games, football and padel.

What does the typical day of a Head of Communications at RedBull look like?

It depends. If I work from home, I usually wake up at 7 am. I take a walk with my dog around the neighborhood after breakfast and back home around 8.00 am. I love videogames and I normally have 1hr session before starting at 9.00. I stop at 1am and have lunch and a walk with my dog and back on track at 2pm. Usually stopping at 6pm and with my wife coming back home at 5.15pm we use to take a walk with our dog and then prepare dinner. Or she goes at her Cross-Fit classes and me I go to play futsal with my friends. On the other hand, If I need to go to the office I drive my moto for about 40mins and I spend the day there. Normally back home at 6.40pm and enjoy the rest of the evening playing games or watching a TV series.
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